Lichfield – The City of Sculpture

The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC, have been commissioned to manage and curate the “The City of Sculpture Project”. This is an ongoing initiative to develop the visual and new media arts in the city of Lichfield. Based around the idea of mapping the Art of Lichfield and the surrounding towns,  the project aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the art which adorns the areas streets. This however goes further – with the project looking to expand into the development of new media and digital public art, soundscapes and the creation of opportunities to develop new physical public art. The project is developing walking tours of the area, sound tours and more over the coming years as the trail grows and evolves.

Visit the project website 


“The City of Sculpture ” TM, “The City of Sculpture Project ” TM, “Lichfield and District City of Sculpture” TM, “Lichfield City Sculpture Trail” TM, “Lichfield Sculpture Trail” TM, and other associated wording are trading terms linked to this project. These are licensed to The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC.

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