Capture the Cathedral Competition

Artists have been invited to Lichfield Cathedral to paint or photograph a modern interpretation of the Cathedral with the chosen artist winning the chance to exhibit their work alongside a Turner Masterpiece in 2017
Meet the Artists:  Here are a few words from some of the contenders in Lichfield Cathedral’s painting and photography competition:
Margaret Harrison
Current president of Lichfield society of artists, having moved from London to Lichfield Margaret says “I am still learning, I think art is relaxing’
Jason ReakesIMG_1815
Originally from Rhondda Valley and now local to Lichfield Jason is an infrequent artist who appreciates medieval Latin text saying painting and drawing gives him “the same feeling as playing piano” allowing him to “ live more intensely and creatively”.
Christine Taylor
From Sutton Coldfield and a committee member of Lichfield arts society, Christine enjoys using acrylics and mixed media.  “I enjoy my artwork because it satisfies my creative and emotional needs, I love colour such as mauve and violets, and I like artists such as Hockney and Van Gogh.”
 IMG_1818Christine Carter
Having lived in Lichfield for twenty plus years Christine loves Russell Flints work, and says “I am very eclectic in my taste in art, I am more traditional but like all art, I am in the office all week and so art is something I get pleasure from – it gives me a bit of a buzz.
Marjorie Nielson
As a Lichfield based artist Marjorie appreciate art changes over time having studied art history, she likes the impressionists and uses oils in her work.  Marjorie’s interests are in art nouveau and iconography saying “Over the centuries artists have used objects with meanings that have changed over time for example the snowdrop as a symbol of Eve.”
Carolyn CleaverIMG_1820
With a background in art and architecture and a love for painting, drawing and crafts, Carolyn has rediscovered her passion for art and says this competition is “a chance to begin again and carry on for herself ”.
Jan FlyIMG_1821nn
Whilst doing some beading work for a wedding dress Jan decided to enter the competition, having seen Sir Francis Chantry ‘the sleeping children’ sculpture as a child she was inspired to create.  Now Jan is working with clay and paints.
Pat BrennanIMG_1822
Pat says she does a bit of everything, draws, paints, sews and produces digital art.  “Art calms me down – I don’t think about anything else.”
DebIMG_1823bie Coburn
Normally producing pastel portraits Debbie says “this competition will be a challenge”, but she finds art relaxing. “I like immediate results of pastels, I like looking at the history of Lichfield, I am interested in the statues and what goes on in the Cathedral.”
                   Carl KnibbIMG_1824
Carl has been an artist for seven years working in acrylics and oils and is excited to see everyone’s individual approach.  Carl says he has been inspired by artist Peter Walker and American artists. Carl says “observation is natural, it is so freeing, art helps psychology and forces you to focus on the world around you, it helps you to see things the way they are.”
Freda HarrisIMG_1826
Enjoys painting and is a member of Walsall arts and Lichfield art society.  Freda is interested in observing both the inside and outside of the Cathedral.
 Mark ThomasIMG_1827
Mark enjoys painting with watercolour and worshipping at Lichfield Cathedral.  Mark aims to capture the light and dark of the Cathedral.
Shelley CollettIMG_1828
From Lichfield Shelley hasn’t painted since college but found out through her camera club about the competition.  Deciding to dabble with her paints again focusing on texture and colour,  Shelley hopes to recapture her hobby she says “with two three year old twins, I am doing this for me”.
Dawn Jutton IMG_1831
A professional photographer from Stafford, Dawn says “I think it’s a wonderful idea to bring together local artists to meet one another and celebrate the city, also it gives a chance for artists to promote what we do.”
Pom FullerIMG_1832
Stafford based artist Pom from Gallery@12 says “I used to be a graphic designer.   I work in any medium but often watercolour.  I am very experimental; this competition is great because of the variety of people taking part.”
Beryl EvansIMG_1833
From Erdington Birmingham, Beryl is a member of Lichfield and Sutton artists, Beryl works in oils, pastels and enjoys portraits of people and animals.
John Cathcart
A member of Stafford art group John has been painting for twenty five years, having originally been an engineer he uses oils, acrylics and watercolour but prefers oils as a medium for outdoor work.  John prefers working outside with nature and the elements and finds art an intense hobby.
Louise Jutton
A trained illustrator, Louise combines drawing and photography and says “ I always believe that art should be understood by Joe Bloggs on the street so that anyone can appreciate it – I don’t believe it should be elitist as everyone can be creative” .
Other contenders are:
Stuart Ramsden, Michael Wheeley, Ros White, Chris Craddock, Dawn Ashcroft, Nicolas Brahman, Neth Brown, Tom Burns, Jenny Cheshire, Martin Christie, Dennis Harper, Lisa Oakley, Julia Smith,

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