Sculptures on show at local High Schools

A new sculptural artwork was loaned to Netherstowe High School, to be resident there until early spring 2011. The sculpture entitled: Bull In Dynamic Form will be seen by students, teachers and visitors as they enter the school, and is already proving to be a talking point. This project was about showing people the variety of the visual arts, from the realistic to abstract and sound art to performance. It was about talking about art and about seeing new things.

A new sculpture entitled – ‘Million pound box’ is currently being contemplated at Chase Terrace Technical College. The sculpture, a 12 inch stainless steel cube, has been loaned to the school as an opportunity for students to come face to face with a piece of contemporary sculpture – and to determine what its all about!

It is hoped that by giving people the opportunity to see new artwork in their daily environment that they will engage with it in new ways.


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