Core to the developments The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC are developing art projects which can impact wider communities – from the local population to tourists visiting the area – and for people of all ages. We believe Trails and City/Town projects are key to this.

11695788_924182674286130_5121836453016483273_n‘The City of Sculpture’ Project – This is a wide ranging art project based in Lichfield and District, Staffordshire.  The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC has worked with local businesses, carried out research, and implemented a new concept for the city of Lichfield through the development and production of a unique geo-located and evolving Sculpture Trail. The Trail directs attention to art in public space, heritage and the environment.  The City of Sculpture Project is creating a sense of identity for an area, promoting culture and art and establishing a sense of pride for members of the community.

You can download a copy of the Lichfield City Sculpture Trail here: Lichfield City Sculpture Trail

(All rights reserved. All reference to the trails and associated projects must refer to the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC and relevant project funders/partners – please contact for enquiries).

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