Plinth 1

Belinda Hutchings is the next artist to have the chance to exhibit her artwork on Plinth 1 at Lichfield Garrick Theatre as part of the new initiative by the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC bringing art to the city.

Plinth 1 ‘Fish’ by Belinda Hutchings

“I have been a fine jeweller (Sir John Cass College, London), a street portrait artist, a painter (figurative, oils) and a printmaker.  I have done life drawing from time to time all my life.  Stone has its own idiom.  The carver is limited by the size, shape and quality of the stone, and any idea or design will be affected by its demands.  I find this adds a dimension to my work.  Every piece is an uncharted adventure!
As an artist I am constantly aware of ambiguity and relativity in every aspect of existence.  I like to allow this awareness to develop its own narrative as I work.  The process of creation cannot by its nature adhere to a preconceived plan, there is always a new and unsought development before reaching the end result.
I work with the Shapeshifters Sculpture Group who give me guidance, support and companionship, and help keep the creative fire burning!
I have exhibited in Birmingham at the Botanical Gardens, University Staff House, Lichfield Cathedral, Midlands Arts Centre, the Custard Factory, Winterbourne Gardens and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, also at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.” Belinda Hutchings


October 2016

‘Calumet the Peace-Pipe’ by Don Ratcliffe is the second sculpture to be displayed at Lichfield Garrick Theatre as part of a national initiative by the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC.

Artist Don Ratcliffe with his sculpture Calumet the Peace-Pipe

The theatre is working with the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC to offer an opportunity for artists to showcase their work.

Tim Ford, artistic director at the Lichfield Garrick, said: “Caulmet the Peace-Pipe is a wonderful new addition to our box office area.

“The Sculpture and Art Foundation are bringing the very best work by local and nation artists into Lichfield and we are proud to support this.”

Made from ancient cedar root discovered in Newnham on Severn, artist Don has carved and sculpted the material to form the artwork.

He received his first major sculpture commission in 2007, before embarking on a solo exhibition in 2011.

“I try to imagine how forms I see in nature are created out of movement,” Don said. “I am constantly in awe of what I discover.

“I work with wood, often root wood, engaging with the flowing life beneath its gnarled surface. Knots, cracks, and bark create contrast.

“To begin with I may have a theme that I want to explore but I cannot make a plan. A conversation develops with that particular piece of wood. I have to trust in the process.”

Calumet is the second piece of work to be displayed on Plinth 1, following Ariel by Viv Astling. The latest work will be on display until November.

August 2016

Sculpture and Art Foundation launches Plinth 1 at Garrick Theatre Lichfield

13584903_10154302837962378_1029820130919438312_o sculpture and art foundation with garrick theatre launches plinth 1 

‘Ariel’ by Viv Astling was the first sculpture to be exhibited on a new project coordinated by the Sculpture and Art Foundation C.I.C in conjunction with the Lichfield Garrick Theatre 

The sculpture which is made of local stone and Welsh slate was on display for 2 months and was the first such artwork to feature on Plinth 1 which will have a changing programme of national sculptors work.

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