Core to the developments The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC are developing art projects which can impact wider communities – from the local population to tourists visiting the area – and for people of all ages. We believe Trails and City/Town projects are key to this.

11695788_924182674286130_5121836453016483273_n‘The City of Sculpture’ Project – This is a wide ranging art project based in Lichfield and District, Staffordshire.  The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC has worked with local businesses, carried out research, and implemented a new concept for the city of Lichfield through the development and production of a unique geo-located and evolving Sculpture Trail. The Trail directs attention to art in public space, heritage and the environment.  The City of Sculpture Project is creating a sense of identity for an area, promoting culture and art and establishing a sense of pride for members of the community.

(All rights reserved. All reference to the trails and associated projects must refer to the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC and relevant project funders/partners – please contact for enquiries).


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