The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC offers the valuable opportunity for young up-and-coming talent to be mentored by Professional Artists to gain experience and opportunity to access the art world.

We offer training and experience in the art world for young aspiring artists, graduates, young volunteers and those wishing to begin a career in the arts.

Our most recent Mentoree positions:


This year saw newcomers to the art world being helped by the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC.  These included Animation and drawing enthusiast Freya Houghton age 17 who has helped with ‘Conversations with the past’ project, George Cathcart age 16 training with digital arts collaboration Luxmuralis, and Hannah Golding age 30 who was the first artist to take up our new Boat shed art space at Stowe Pool for her colourful installation artwork and photography and also participating in the 10,000 angels installation at Lichfield Cathedral.  All are continuing their passion in the arts very successfully.

sophia moseley city of sculpture 1March 2015 – Sophia Moseley.  Sophia graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2011 with a BA Degree in Design.  Since then she wished to pursue her talent for creative writing, ceramic, collage and paper work and was keen to learn more about sculpture and Public art.  Sophia spent time alongside Mentor Peter Walker Sculptor and Artist, working in the artist’s studio, gaining training on production of art, exhibitions, and they both were able to discuss their creative ideas to be pursued as they embark on new projects together.





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