Boat House Art Space with Andy Nash

It’s Autumn 2018 and currently at our Boat House Art Space at Stowe Pool Lichfield Staffordshire we have sited

Artist Andy Nash who is Creating land art from nature inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Lichfield’s Historic Park and Stowe Pool.


Boat House Art Space Stowe Pool

Boat House Art Space Stowe Pool

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Andy makes environmental sculpture and land art designed and constructed in specific landscapes and natural environments. Temporary ephemeral sculptures are made using natural found materials and techniques. Responding to natures elemental forces and the constant changes in weather conditions, some works last a few weeks, days or may only exist for a few moments.

Andy says ” The opportunity to design and construct more permanent, large scale, public sculpture; allows for wider community participation and the exploration of a broader range of materials and processes. The site-specific nature of these environmental-land art interventions are inspired by the associations, histories and relationships that exist between members of the general public, selected environments and the passing of the seasons, marked by the effects of new growth and slow decay.” Andy Nash 

Andy is using The Boat house through Autumn 2018 as a base to present work to the public in the form of documentary photography, Ideas and design sheets, sketches, drawings and paintings using natural found materials and as a meeting point for workshops and have a go activities.



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